Friday, 10 July 2015

Chaos is good, it reveals truth.


Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 8 Ιουλ 2015

Greetings World,

We are Anonymous. 

Our ships sail in support of the people of Greece who voted “No”
to the EU and IMF's hold on their financial affairs. The illusion
machines, these devices of fraud society so desperately relies upon
to keep worldwide greed flowing, they're the ones responsible for the
financial chaos you see before you. Chaos is good, it reveals truth.

240 Billion Euros were lent to Greece, of which 90% went to the banks that gave Greece
funds before the crash. Less than 10% of that bailout money was left
to be used by the Government for the economy and helping weaker
members of Greek society. As always, the poor and struggling suffer
because of the actions of an “elite” few. This time, we do not
point our fingers to the government of Greece, because they are
trying their best to protect their people – we point to the banks
and fraudulent anti-human institutions who have plundered and raped a
country rich of heritage and intellectuals stemming from the dawn of
human civilization.

To the people of Greece, help us help you. We know you need food, we know you are
suffering. We need information on food stores, food banks and how to
get donations to proper non-government related entities. As long as
the Greek government continues to protect it's people from the greed
of the banking elite, it will have nothing to fear from Anonymous.

We Salute you Greece, for saying “όχι”

We are Anonymous.
Είμαστε ανώνυμοι
Expect us.
να μας αναμένετε

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